How to make a Teddy Bear cake topper

Roll a bit of fondant into a ball, make a tiny hole to give a belly button effect, then roll out two cone’s to make the legs and stick them on with edible glue not water.Image

Next; Roll a smaller sized fondant ball, Then roll out a tiny disk and stick it on the fondant ball. This will represent the mouth and nose. Use a flower frilling tool to make dots and semi circles. (Eyes, nose and mouth)


Next: Make two extra cones, make them a little smaller than the legs


Next: Stick both arms on the larger ball. It’s all coming together


Next: use the flower frilling tool to make semi circles on the smaller ball (this is for the ears) and then roll out two little balls and with a ball tool, press them in.

See; we can all tell it’s a teddy bear already (apologies for the poor picture quality)
Now using black fondant, make three tiny balls and insert them into the tiny dots created earlier. I added tiny flowers to mine too look girly . Voila, your teddy bear is ready.

Finally to create more effect I added an apron to mine. My cuddly little chef bear.
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