How to make a Teddy Bear cake topper

Roll a bit of fondant into a ball, make a tiny hole to give a belly button effect, then roll out two cone’s to make the legs and stick them on with edible glue not water.Image

Next; Roll a smaller sized fondant ball, Then roll out a tiny disk and stick it on the fondant ball. This will represent the mouth and nose. Use a flower frilling tool to make dots and semi circles. (Eyes, nose and mouth)


Next: Make two extra cones, make them a little smaller than the legs


Next: Stick both arms on the larger ball. It’s all coming together


Next: use the flower frilling tool to make semi circles on the smaller ball (this is for the ears) and then roll out two little balls and with a ball tool, press them in.

See; we can all tell it’s a teddy bear already (apologies for the poor picture quality)
Now using black fondant, make three tiny balls and insert them into the tiny dots created earlier. I added tiny flowers to mine too look girly . Voila, your teddy bear is ready.

Finally to create more effect I added an apron to mine. My cuddly little chef bear.
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It’s about time

Its nice to be  back on WordPress after being off for so long.

I have been up to so many things (baking, studying whilst being a full time mum). But it has been quite exciting.

My cake decorating skills are so much better than before and my photography too.

I hope to start posting cake tutorials pretty soon as well.

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Gadget Inspired

The weather in London has been lovely this week and it feels weird going out without a jacket now lol.

My younger brothers birthday was on the 6th of April and I’d been looking forward to baking him a cake. Samantha(His Girlfriend) and I threw him a surprise birthday dinner on the 5th of  April at Bam Bou on Percy Street and an after party in a private area at Holborn House (courtesy a club promoter friend of mine). As my brother works in the media industry I thought I’d bake him a Gadget Inspired Cake 🙂

I now think I should have taken step by step pictures on how I made it; something I intend to start in the near future. I have a Nikkon D3000 so I used it as a sample 😀 . 





The cake was the last surprise of the night and Samantha and I would not let him cut it.


My First Hand Bag Cake

I went out in a Gillet, silk shirt and ripped jeans today. I had no idea it was that cold but was really glad my daughter and son were wrapped up warm. I hereby solemnly swear that I’ll check the weather forecast before heading out 😀

The first hand bag cake I ever made was for a family member in November 2012. I was so nervous, as I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be.

I went through pictures on the internet searching for inspirations and clues on how to make one, which by the way I finally found but as I am against plagiarism, I came up with something totally different; an original by me 😀


My Second Minnie Mouse Project

I remember baking two  minnie mouse cakes in November 2012 and my party decorator friend (who by the way is one of the best balloonist’s I know: / Facebook: Partyheaven Party Solutions), had recommended me.


                                            See I told you she’s really good .

I used the three day rule. I baked the cakes on wednesday, added butter cream on thursday, and started decorating on friday. I eventually finished both cakes at about 2am on saturday.



Before I forget I made cupcakes too 🙂


I was chuffed at the outcome, even though getting them done felt like forever.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, I’m glad it’s not too late.

I’m still finding it hard to adjust to the time change, I woke up super early on Easter Sunday, had an afternoon siesta for the first time in weeks and yes! I’m wide awake at 2am well in reality 3am; as I’ve refused to change the time on the clock in MY LIVING ROOM.

Well, back to cake’s; I just thought I’d share 2 “Hello Kitty” cakes I decorated on saturday morning for a 6year old.

I didn’t have the right pans, so I carved both cakes and crumb coated them with Ganache(which I prefer to butter cream) before covering with fondant.




My First Kids Character Inspired Cake

My Niece had her first birthday coming up in October 2012 and I didn’t know what to buy her. My cousin, her mum, had told me the party theme was “minnie mouse” so I thought, why not bake her a cake, that way “I’ll be learning a little something too”.

Anyway, day one I baked the cake, day two I covered it in butter cream and I decorated the cake and Oh my I couldn’t stop staring at what I had done. Before you ask, Yes….I kept telling people I made the cake, I felt so proud of myself.

All that playing with plaster-sine when I was younger and play dough, really had loads of advantages.


Third Time Lucky

I did not bake again until the 31st of July 2012, for a cousins surprise birthday which, was the next day the 1st of September.

The surprise dinner was at Mango Tree in Grosvenor Place and I had offered to bring in a cake and woke up at 6am to start decorating whilst asking myself; “what have I gotten myself into, no one will like this, I have no experience whatsoever”.

I’m glad to say I was wrong……….. again

They all loved it 🙂